AI-SIPM 2024

International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Signal, Image Processing and Multimedia (AI-SIPM 2024)

Workshop topic and goal

The goal of the workshop is to bring together all researchers who have expertise in the area of artificial intelligence in signal and image processing approaches from diverse working groups on real-world systems for commercial, industrial and military applications. This workshop aims to provide a collection of high-quality research articles that address broad challenges on both theoretical and application aspects of artificial intelligence in signal and image processing. Colleagues from diverse academic faculties, schools and industrial sectors are very welcome to join and contribute to the research that stimulates the ongoing steps to reach the higher quest on the application of artificial intelligent approaches in signal and image processing challenges.

Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep learning in signal image processing
  • Machine learning in signal image processing
  • Artificial intelligence in signal image processing
  • Evolutionary and fuzzy computation in signal image processing
  • Knowledge engineering and management technology in signal image processing
  • Intelligent agents and multi-agent systems in signal image processing
  • Data Science in signal image processing
  • Signal image processing for surveillance, defense and homeland security applications
  • Signal image processing for industrial automation and applications
  • Signal image processing for IoT and smart city
  • Medical signal image processing and classification

Workshop format

All submissions must be in English and in PDF according to the ACM two-column format for conference proceedings. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the Program Committees of the workshop. Format: The half-day workshop will be structured around a mix of invited talks, paper presentations, and an interactive panel discussion. The format aims to encourage participants to delve into the subject matter deeply and foster connections with fellow attendees.

  • Opening Remarks (15 minutes):
  • Brief introduction to the workshop's theme and objectives. Setting the stage for the day's discussions.

  • Paper Presentations (120 minutes):
  • Five to six selected papers will be presented. Each presentation will last for 20 minutes including a Q&A session. This segment will allow researchers to showcase their innovative solutions and methodologies, catalysing insightful discussions.

  • Networking Time (30 minutes):
  • An extended break allowing attendees to engage in in-depth discussions, form collaborations, and reflect on the presentations collectively. Light refreshments will be served, and areas will be designated for group discussions to encourage meaningful connections and future collaborations.

Important Dates

Workshop organizers

  • Asst.Prof.Dr.Mahasak Ketcham, KMUTNB, Thailand
  • Kanyalag Phodong, ARU, Thailand
  • Patiyuth Pramkeaw, KMUTT, Thailand
  • Worawut Yimyam, PBRU, Thailand
  • Narumol Chumuang, MCRU, Thailand
  • Pokpong Songmuang, TU, Thailand
  • Thittaporn Ganokratanaa, KMUTT, Thailand

Submission Instructions

See the Paper Submission section.


For any question regarding AI-SIPM workshop, please visit the conference website ( or email to

  • Asst.Prof.Dr.Mahasak Ketcham, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand (