Call of Papers

Paper submissions

When preparing your submission, please adhere strictly to the indications below. These requirements serve to ensure the appropriateness of the reviewing process and inclusion in the ACM Digital Library proceedings.

Paper format

All papers must be formatted according to the ACM proceedings style. Click here to access LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates for this format. If you use LaTeX, please use sigconf.tex as the template.

Abstract and Keywords

The abstract and the keywords form the primary source for assigning papers to reviewers. So make sure that they are a concise and complete summary of your paper with sufficient information to let someone who doesn’t read the full paper know what it is about.

Complying with double-blind review (regular papers only)

In a “Double-blind Review” process, authors should not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers should not know the names of the authors. Please prepare your paper in a way that preserves anonymity of the authors, namely:

  • Do not put your names under the title,
  • Avoid using phrases such as “our previous work” when referring to earlier publications by the authors,
  • Remove information that may identify the authors in the acknowledgments (e.g., co-workers and grant IDs),
  • Check supplemental material for information that may identify the authors’ identity,
  • Avoid providing links to Websites that identify the authors.

If authors fail to comply with the Double-blind restrictions, we reserve the right to reject outright the paper on administrative basis. Note that the other types of the papers (technical demonstrations, doctoral symposium and special session papers) than regular papers are reviewed in “Single-blind Review” where the authors are requested to put their name under the title in the paper.

List of authors

Please ensure that you submit your paper with the full list of authors. It is not possible to add or remove authors from your paper during the review process or after acceptance. This is a strict rule for all the paper types.

Length of the paper

Please ensure the appropriate length of your submission, namely:

  • Long papers: 8 page limit, plus additional pages for the list of references
  • Short papers: 4 page limit, plus additional pages for the list of references
  • Technical demonstrations papers: 4 page limit
  • Brave new ideas papers: 8 page limit (typical around 6 pages)
  • Doctoral symposium papers: 4 page limit
  • Special session papers: 6-8 pages (6 pages limit + references)
For any over-length submission, we reserve the right to reject it outright on administrative basis.

Submission system

Please use this ConfTool link to submit papers.

Important Dates

see here

arXiv Papers

In accordance with ACM guidelines, ICMR 2024 adheres to the following policy regarding arXiv papers:

We define a publication as a written piece documenting scientific work that was submitted for review by peers for either acceptance or rejection, and, after review, has been accepted. Documentation of scientific work that is published in a not-for-profit archive without any form of peer-review (departmental Technical Report,, etc.) is not considered a publication. However, this definition of publication does include peer-reviewed workshop papers, even if they do not appear in formal proceedings. Any submission to ICMR 2024 must not have substantial overlap with prior publications or other work currently undergoing peer review anywhere.

Note that documents published on website archives are subject to change. Citing such documents is discouraged. Furthermore, ICMR 2024 will review the documents formally submitted and any additional information in a web archive version will not affect the review.